Our service

We perform comprehensive inspection services even within short deadlines!

  • Ultrasonic inspections: thickness measurements, damage and corrosion mapping of pipes, tanks, and other inspection targets, both during maintenance shutdowns and during operation (using heat-resistant probes).
  • Magnetic particle inspections: for ferritic materials, detecting cracks on welds and base metal surfaces.
  • Penetrant inspections: for various materials, detecting surface-opening cracks in different components.
  • Pipeline inspections: using video recording pipeline cameras, endoscopes, or the Olympus IPLEX MX videscope system. Camera head diameter starting from 6 mm and maximum length of 30 meters.
  • Visual inspections: visual examination and documentation.
  • Thermographic inspections: for electrical installations, pipelines, bearings, hydraulics, insulation, etc.
The main purpose of our inspections is not just to perform routine tasks, but to identify problem areas and ensure the safe and planned operation of the facility for the next period. At the end of the inspections, the client receives a comprehensive report that includes the conducted inspections, damage observations, repair suggestions, estimated service life, and an inspection plan for future use.


During the initial meeting with the client, the inspection tasks, methods, scope, and other related matters and auxiliary works are decided upon.


We perform the necessary pre-cleaning for inspections and, if agreed otherwise, we also carry out the grinding of found damage areas (e.g., cracks).


Although the inspections follow the inspection plan, the most important phase is the initial visual inspection and the subsequent additional inspections and actions based on it.


As the inspections progress, we provide the client with real-time information and repair suggestions regarding detected damages and other necessary information, allowing sufficient time for any repairs during the shutdown period.